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TREASURE BEACH, Jamaica, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MycoMeditations, a pioneering leader in the evolving fields of legal psychedelic therapy and wellness tourism, is expanding its footprint in Jamaica to serve companions, families and friends that wish to privately bond by coming together to share the psilocybin wellness retreat experience within the shelter of their family and friends ‘bubble’.

MycoMeditations’ Companion Retreats take place in a newly renovated, upscale  property perched above Billy’s Bay with incredible seaside views. The five bedroom retreat setting with ensuite baths is designed so family and close friends can be together and still be within COVID health protocols. This new environment provides a safe haven for guests to enjoy an enhanced group dynamic that may generate powerful new insights, shared experiences and a communal bond that is a hallmark of MycoMeditation’s ‘gold standard’ retreats.

“Following the tough protocols of the Pandemic, families and companion groups want the opportunity to remain close and at the same time improve their mental, emotional and spiritual health as a unit,” said Justin Townsend, MycoMeditation’s CEO and Lead Facilitator. “Including friends as part of the family unit is important, as our guests have expressed that in many instances throughout the COVID crisis, friends became a key support factor in family life and wellness,” he added.

The new offering, Companion Retreat, is in addition to MycoMeditation’s main retreat accommodations and it is designed to meet the unique needs of family and friends coming together to share what may be one of the most powerful experiences of their lives, a week-long psilocybin assisted retreat. Recent studies of participants in psilocybin sessions report that nearly 70 percent said they were among the five most significant experiences of their lives.

With a record of nearly 1,000 guests successfully participating in psilocybin-assisted retreats, and a Five Star Rating on TripAdvisor, MycoMeditations offers proven, professional and personalized healing experiences for depression, anxiety, and other conditions in a safe, beautiful and caring setting.

About MycoMeditations

MycoMeditations, a pioneering leader in the expanding fields of legal psychedelic therapy and wellness tourism is driven by its commitment to charting a new way forward for psychological care, therapeutics, research and legalization by providing safe, life-affirming experiences guided by expert facilitators and mental health professionals.

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