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Guest host Christina Aanestad talks about the push to decriminalize psychedelics in California and how to raise a feminist boy for a 4th of July special.

A bill to legalize psychedelics for those over the age of 21 is making its way through the California legislature.  SB 519 has passed the Senate and is moving through the Assembly. It’s got an unlikely group of supporters: veterans.  An average of 18 veterans commit suicide each day.  A movement is brewing to help them access psychedelic treatment for healing the traumas of war, the Heroic Hearts Project.  The clinical studies are overwhelmingly clear that psychedelics like psyilocybin, L.S.D., iboga, and M.D.M.A. are effective at treating conditions like end-of-life anxiety, depression, and trauma.  To talk about the bill and psychedelic research are guests: Scott Weiner, San Francisco State Senator and author of SB519; Jared Reinhart, an Integration Coach with the Heroic Hearts Project; and Ismail Ali Lourido, acting Director and Counsel for Policy & Advocacy at MAPS-the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.  A listener recommended Field Trip Health for people seeking psychedelic treatment.

The rise of the #metoo movement, and startling figures that 1 in every 5 females experience some kind of sexual assault or rape in her lifetime-90% of the perpetrators being men, Dr. Bobbi Wegner set out to define what raising feminist boys looks like in her new book, “Raising Feminist Boys: How to Talk with Your Child About Gender, Consent & Empathy.”  Dr. Wegner is a clinical psychologist, lecturer at Harvard University, and co-founder of Groops, an online mental wellness platform, that has a Groop for parents raising feminist boys.  To learn more about implicit bias and your implicit bias, try Harvard University’s free implicit bias test.  To learn more about teaching empathy, visit Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project.

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