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Contact Your Senators and Representatives

You can change the course of history by telling your members of Congress to end the failed drug war policies. It is their job to fulfill the needs of their constituents.Make your voice heard.

To find and contact your U.S. Senator:

  1. Find Your Senator Right Here
  2. On the results page is a link to the Senators’ website, contact information, and links to  an online contact form (forms vary by Senator).

To find and contact your U.S. Representative:

  1. Find Your House Representative Right Here
  2. On the results page is a photo of your Representative(s), links to the Representative’s personal website and online contact form, and a local map.

You Can Also Reach Your Representative on Social Media

Using the steps above, navigate to the Congress members’ personal website to find links to their social media accounts, usually indicated by the icon of the social media platform and often located in the upper or lower left or right corners of the website homepage. CSPAN also maintains a list of members of Congress here: