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We Support
The Decriminalization of Nature

What is Sacred Medicine Society?

Sacred Medicine Society (TRIP) is a cryptocurrency token built on ERC-720

A 14% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to charity.

Holders don’t need to do anything other than hold their tokens in order to earn rewards.

We Proudly Support

Decriminalize psychedelics

Token Information


Total Holders

Market Cap

428.14 T
Total Burned

Good Works

Our community becomes part of something even larger than itself. We give directly, not just passively, and we inspire each other to make the world a better place.

Holder Rewards

We reward holders a portion of every single transaction on their exchange. With community sweepstakes and exclusive competitions, it feels good to be an Elongator.

Deflationary Model

We burn tokens to increase the value of holders' tokens. The tokenomics are carefully calibrated to ensure sustainability.

Why you should own
TRIP tokens today

Earn Rewards

7% distributed to

You earn passively every time someone makes a transaction. Hold your tokens and watch them grow. It’s that simple.

Let's Change The World

7% goes towards Psychedelic Therapy Foundation MAPS

A percentage of every single transaction automatically goes to a wallet to assist in legalizing plant medicines & proven psychedelic therapies. 

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